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Below you'll find just some of the positive feedback that we've been receiving from our friends and visitors. We would love to hear from YOU, too! Be sure to let us know what you are thinking -- visit our Feedback Page today...


*Subscriber Testimonials
The success of our service for each subscriber is based solely on our performance. What's our track record, and what have we done for you lately? Our motto: ”Manage the risk…the profits will take care of themselves! In this business, being right is not as important as making money…consistently." With that in mind, we post in this section subscriber Testimonials.......

"I'm still working on how I'm going to admit to all my mistakes from your past rec's. (money left on the table and missed opportunities)---- But I will tell you this; I've doubled my IRA portfolio in just the last month by listening to you and Mr Axxel. I love his reports ---I think he's one of the best analysts we've got our hands on!!!!! I read Ms Skelly's research report on XMCM and I was just about to wonder if I should exit till yesterday when the stock was up 20+ points----thank the Lord I didn't sell!! You & your staff are doing a wonderful job--thanks for all your long hours!".... Brian Bontrager - Bremen, IN

"In spite of my timing problem, I am welllll ahead on my investments thanks to Market Digest Online! I'm a very small investor and not making 15k a day like the other gentleman, but my net investment $$ are definitely a lot larger than they were January 1st. THANKS for everything - GBLX up several hundred percentage points along with FNHC & BOWG both also up several hundred percentage points! Thanks again..." Robert Baskett - Pewee Valley, KY

"For the week of April 26, I made $30,000+ mainly day trading your recommendations. For the month of April, I made $100,000+." - Tim Swanson, Swanson Investments, Wichita, KS Telephone # 316-264-3883

"I love your service. Never seen anyting quite like it. Last Thursday and Friday I made $15,000 trading your ASTN and TELT." - Chris Scott, Stockbroker, Atlanta, GA

"I bought 10K shares of TCLN @ $4 and owe you a debt of gratitude. The stock has moved to $8 1/4 in two days. Thank you for this pick and several others in a long list of winners! - David Carlson - Individual Investor, Porta Matilda, PA

"I've been a subscriber to your service since 1992, and it is without question the best source of information on Wall Street. Other services similar to yours charge much more and they can't touch the number of winners you have consistantly given me and my customers." - Bonnie McFee, Stockbroker, Ellsworth, ME

"A customer of mine who loves your service urged me to subscribe. Initially, I was skeptical. However, I've been a subscriber now for several months and the results speak for themselves. Keep up the good work!" Dave Waddle - Stockbroker, Destin, FL

"I've been a subscriber since July, 1996, and you have one of the best values in town!" Kerry Goodson - Individual Investor, Montgomery, AL

"Having been a Market Digest subscriber since 1994, I have consistently made more money with MD suggested trades than any other source. From 94-97 I subscribed to approximately 10 services and there is no doubt, more
profitable picks came via Market Digest by a long shot! The new flash alert service is great! Quick, good information, a great moitvator. Keep up the good work." Morgan Skoegard - Individual Investor, Mercer Island, WA

"I think MDO and the email alerts are the best online source for great position trading ideas. The extra $50/yr for the email alerts is nothing considering the additional income I've been able to make. The first email "flash alert" trade I made netted me $600 on 300 shares traded in only 30 minutes."

"Now I want to tell a little story of how I first started trading stocks and my experience was so great because the first stock I traded was one which I found in MDO's Whisper Stocks. It was about 5 1/2 years ago when I was quite broke and had just started a new business in the electronics industry. I took out a $10K loan from my bank here in Canada for my retirement account. I got the $10K from my bank in the morning, bought a stock recommened in Whisper stocks shortly thereafter at about $1 5/8 and sold it in the afternoon close to $5.00 (what's that 300%? math is not that good). The next morning I got a call from my bank saying that they had made a mistake and didn't realize that I was using the money to buy individual stocks. They requested I move the money into one of the bank managed mutual funds (with wonderful returns averaging 15% per year). I said "No thanks", and they asked for their money back. I said "OK" as they looked at me stunned. I gave them their $10K and walked off with my profits...and I paid no interest . This really is a true story!!"

"After that I took the profits and traded only stocks recommended by Whisper Stocks. A few months into my trading, I got a rent renewal from my landlord. He wanted a 10% increase on my rent. I had lost count of how much money I had made trading...the only thing I knew for sure was that almost all my trades were very profitable. I called up my broker and asked him to figure out how much money was in my account. He told me I had $40K after everything settled. Whew! no more landlord! I put $32K down on a house (15% down payment) and we lived happily ever after. Soon after that, my business took off and I have averaged $250K/yr income just from the business. But last year, because of a buyout of one of the big companies I represented, my business income stopped (they gave me 10 months notice though). So I had to start another business and have another way to make money for awhile. I have started to trade again to provide me with additonal income until the new business is established. The MDO susbcription to me is not an option, it's a necessity in order for me to survive until the business income is substantial. I'm now doing pretty good thanks to MDO but I still have lots more I want to learn. By the way, my new business is an Internet only business and we are experiencing phenomenal results. Just in case you're curious you can check it out at I came up with the whole idea myself. I'm so modest . Thanks guys...your the best!!"
K.C. Croal - Individual Investor, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"I have been an investor in the stockmarket sense 1980. During this time I have subscribed to a large number of investment newsletters seeking wise counsel for my investing. Most newsletters I have tried have turned out to be a joke. A few have been somewhat helpful. NONE HAVE COME REMOTELY CLOSE TO MARKET DIGEST ONLINE FOR ITS PROFITABLE RECOMMENDATIONS!!!! MDO is in a class of its own. It is by far the most profitable I have ever been associated with. Not only is the Wisper Stock Section uncanningly accurate, but I appreciate the other contributors to your letter. They also provide timely recommendations and helpful commentary. In addition to your stock recommendations being great, your option recommendations are perhaps even better. I'm an option trader, thanks to your help a couple of years ago. I personally think that there is no better investing source anywhere than Market Digest Online!!!" James Turner - Individual Investor, Fresno, CA

"I have been a long-term subscriber to Market Digest for two major reasons. First, I have made far more money with Market Digest's recommendations than I have lost. When I have a question, Market Digest always responds. This is not true of most investment services. I have tried many of them and have always seen better results for myself and my clients with the Market Digest suggestions. Market Digest has been "in the game" for a long time and I expect that they will continue to be there--unlike many other trading subscription companies that take your money and a few weeks later are out of business. The second reason that I continue to use Market Digest is that it provides me with an excellent trading summary of the equity, options and futures markets. I manage two companies and do not have a lot of excess time--Market Digest keeps me informed on a daily basis with good data that I can use. Keep it up!!
Bonnie McFee - Stockbroker, Ellsworth, ME

"You guys continue to amaze me. I told you you've made me lots of money since my first foray into stocks on October 7, 1999. Let me be specific..... I have already made over $8000 with an initial investment of $30,000.....and another $20,000 in the past week. My holdings have included COVD, OXGN, IMCL, GMST, MERQ, LATD, NPNT, MCOM, WMT and the WMTCK's, which are all recommendations from your Whisper Stock section. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!! And thank you again for all your greatness in what you do and thank you for all your prompt responses to my emails. Cyrus Killen - Individual Investor, Alamo, CA

"On February 18, 2000, the Dow was down almost 300 points and the Nasdaq was down 137 points, yet you guys had 23 stocks that set new 52 week highs as the entire market got killed! Your performance is unbelieveable!! I've told several of my friends about MDO. If they don't subscribe, thery're fools! Bill Gorline - Individual Investor, Cordova, Tennessee


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