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Friday, May 17, 2024
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Market Digest Online, Inc. is a stock market research firm that publishes a daily newsletter read by subscribers worldwide. The evening before each trading session begins, subscribers receive a comprehensive research report with a variety of timely and useful financial information. Equity and Options traders receive stock market news, stock & option picks from a panel of market experts with over 350 years of combined experience on Wall Street. Subscribers receive buy-sell-hold recommendations, market analysis and in-depth market commentary. A specific analyst writes each segment of the daily report. Over the past six years, Market Digest Online has assembled an outstanding group of analysts with award winning track records. Listed below are descriptions of each section of our newsletter and short bios on our analysts.

*Whisper Stocks
Our service starts with our Whisper Stocks, one of the most popular sections of our newsletter. We're proud of the fact that we give you "Whisper" information before the "rest of the street" finds out. Although we specialize in emerging growth small cap companies, subscribers will most likely find an assortment of investment or trading ideas under this section of the newsletter. CLICK HERE to get details on some of the calls made in our newsletter over the past several years... The Wisper Stock section is provided daily.

*Options and Futures Fast Track
Buddy Cafferky of The Rainmaker Corporation Market Newsletter provides Market Digest Online subscribers with stock market commentary, equity recommendations, and extensive coverage of the OEX and S&P 500. Cafferky won the 1990 options division of the Wall Street Challenge by turning $500,000 into $30 million in six weeks for a total rate of return of 6000%... Options and Futures Fast Track is provided daily.

*Volume Trade Analysis Research
VTAR� [Volume Trade Analysis Research�] is authored by Axxel Knutson. Knutson is Director of Institutional Equity Research at the New York securities firm of Platinum Securities, Inc. At the age of 14, he turned $2,000 into his college education fund when he started to trade stocks. After college, he joined E.F. Hutton and then went on to Dean Witter. While at Dean Witter, he worked on a computer program called "COMPARE" [COMPuter Assistance to REsearch] and fine-tuned that program by overlaying his volume analysis research over that program to come in third, despite a late start, in a stock contest sponsored by Chase Manhattan Bank. Next a headhunter grabbed him and he became head of Mosely, Hallgarten & Estabrook's well respected "Investment Strategies Department." He started his own broker dealer in the late 70's. Currently, Knutson has perfected an investment tool called VTAR� which stands for "Volume Trade Analysis Research"� and uses volume analysis to fine-tune equity investments in highly liquid stocks with rational fundamentals.

Although VTAR� is primarily an institutional research tool used primarily by institutional portfolio managers to more precisely fine tune their block transactions, Knutson enjoys providing some of the output of his research for use by individual investors through web sites such as ours. �Although the primary market for VTAR� analysis is institutional, my real passion is in the writing and the distribution of the research to individual investors and in the challenge of handling the accounts of a rational number of individuals who usually end up becoming friends. That�s where the fun is. The institutional stuff keeps me in gas money.� - Axxel Knutson. Knutson can be reached at 800-696-9002 in New York... VTAR is provided by Axxel Knutson once each month.

*From The House
Respected analysts provide commentary on the direction of the market, sectional rotation analysis, general market commentary and occasional stock picks... Provided Daily.

*Wall Street Traders Column
This popular column offers commentary each day with specific buy entry points on the big cap stocks. Commentary is based 100% on technical considerations with specific price targets and exact stop loss suggestions. Technical commentary includes MACD Index, TRIX Index, Relative Strength Index, MACD Histogram and others that increase the likelihood for big moves in stocks. It's not uncommon for picks in this section to move several points in one day... Provided Daily.

*Wirehouse Opinions
Daily recommendations from Wall Street's major brokerage houses and investment advisors... Provided Daily.

*Institutional Money Flow
This section lists the stocks which are attracting institutional interest. These stocks are typically trading at new 52-week highs with above average volume and are great trading ideas. Provided Daily.

Dave Norton of Futures Fourth Time, Inc. provides subscribers commentary for Futures Fast Track. Dave was technical director of research for the Commodity Division of Paine Webber before starting his own firm. Short term perspectives and recommendations are provided on a daily taped "hot line" that's been in existence since 1977. In addition to providing advice to professional traders, Dave also has clients such as the Kemper Clearing Corp. and Cargill Investor Services. Short-term traders should consider taking a close look at Dave's recommendations. For each year since 1984, Dave has averaged 268-day trades. Total profits on day trades since 1984 is $425,040 or $28,336 per year. If you had taken Mr. Norton's advice since 1977, you would not have had one losing year!... Provided Daily.

*Guest Analyst
Bernie Schaeffer - Developed Expectational Analysis�, a proprietary method of determining the directional movement of a stock; Author of the book The Option Advisor: Wealth Building Techniques Using Equity and Index Options Senior Editor of The Option Advisor newsletter since 1981, Mr. Schaeffer providers daily short sale and buy recommendations.


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