Saturday, June 19, 2021
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32 bit Software for Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98... Programmed by waypoint Zero, Inc.

Version Information:
This release of the product is Version 2.0.1, compiled on 10/10/98. If you have installed a previous release of the software, please use your Windows Control Panel to uninstall the previous version prior to installing this release. This ensures a flawless update of all components. You will notice some exciting improvements over version 1.0.0.

Product Description:
Quote Generator is a 32 bit Windows program that runs on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95 and Windows 98. This program requires an installed version of Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater. The purpose of the software is to conveniently provide information in near real time regarding the current status of financial markets, specifically by offering currency quotes and individual stock quotes as derived from a connection to the Internet. A new feature of the application provides you with the ability to obtain detailed analysis of potential and existing mortgage loans. This new feature is appropriately called the Active Calculator.

Technical Description:
Quote Generator's memory footprint is small; it loads into less than 6 MB of memory, and causes between a 3 to 5% load effect on Pentium microprocessors. The program is Internet aware, and in fact, depends on an Internet connection to provide its information. If a Network connection does not exist at the time that the program is loaded into memory, then one will be initiated using the default settings found in the local machine's Windows Registry database.

Installation Process:
If you have installed version 1.0.0 of the Quote Generator, you will need to uninstall that version prior to installing the new updated version, which constitutes this release. Please read and follow our "Uninstall Process" instructions below.

To install, first download the zip file found at the download location to your local disk drive. If you are using Windows 98 you can simply click on the archived file, Windows 95 and NT users should execute the zip file using either WinZip or Pkunzip. Install the program by double clicking on the setup.exe file. Choose the path you wish to install it in and run the program after setup by selecting it from the Programs Menu accessible via the Start Button Menu.

Uninstall Process:
To uninstall the previous version, please navigate to your Windows Control Panel by clicking the Start button, then choosing the Settings option, and finally Control Panel.

When the control panel loads into memory, select the Add/Remove Software icon by double clicking it. Scroll until you have selected the Market Digest Online Quote Generator software, and click the Add/Remove button. Follow the steps as indicated by the Wizard, and when you are done, close the control panel.

Installation or technical support for this product at this time is exclusively by email. Please send your comments, questions or concerns to us at Thank you!


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