Friday, May 17, 2024
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Our Web Site is built using a technology called Active Server Pages. You may have noticed the .asp extension on the Web Pages found within this site, your indication that this is a dynamic Web Site. This technology enables us to use a backend database to deliver the constantly updated newsletters and other information found within our site.
Your Web Browser software (ie; Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Arena, Opera, or perhaps AOL) makes a connection to our Web Server when you visit our site. The instant this connection request is initiated our Server examines the request sent from your computer for a variable called a Session. If no Session exists, one is created and implemented in the form of a cookie.
This is not a typical cookie however. The communication link between your computer and our Server is established using a completely random alphanumeric string that is sent back and forth as the cookie. We have no control over the information within that random string variable, and don't care, because as soon as you shut down your browser, or 20 minutes after you leave our Web Site, this random file is deleted.
We don't use this technology to examine your hard drive. We couldn't do that even if we wanted to! We don't use it to intrude on your privacy. We simply use it as part of the implementation of this cool technology that enables us to enjoy a smarter, sharper view of the information that we present in pursuit of a more successful future for all of us...


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